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“Rich3: Error in expression:…” – BACKTRACK Error Message



This Error Message Article explains the BACKTRACK Report Writer error message “Rich3: Error in expression: Transactions.User Name” and details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.

Error Message Example


The Rich3: Error in expression error message indicates that there is a problem with the SQL statement embedded in the report. The “Transactions.User Name” segment of the message derives from the database table (i.e. Transactions) and field (User Name) names. This should help you locate the statement that throws the error.

For this situation, the end user linked the report to a transaction receipt in BACKTRACK 2012 (before an upgrade). After the upgrade to v2015, the error message appeared. A bug in BACKTRACK caused the SQL statement in the upgraded report to malfunction. The fix actual data fixed can be seen in the article on Fixing a SQL Error in Advanced Designer.


You must fix the SQL statement or create a new report. To fix the SQL statement, you must use the Advanced Report Writer feature. see the Fixing a SQL Error in Advanced Designer article link below for instructions.

Issue Found: BACKTRACK v2015

Updated on January 25, 2019

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