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Report Will Not List All Locations and Quantities For Each Item – BACKTRACK Problems



This article explains the BACKTRACK problem that prevents it from reporting all locations per item, and presents a solution to this problem.


BACKTRACK reports only show one location for each item and the quantity shows for that location as the quantity for ALL locations.


When creating an Item base report in the Report Wizard, BACKTRACK provides the Assigned Location and Quantity fields. This can be misleading when an item is stored in more than one location. This is because:

Assigned Location – This will NOT cause the report to list all locations for the item. The Assigned Location is a value stored in the Item table and represents the default location for the item. When selected for a report, the report will only show this one location regardless of the number of actual locations where the item is stored.

Quantity – This is also in the Item table and represents the total quantity for the item across ALL locations.  When selected for a report it ONLY shows the sum total.  Even if it is put next to the Assigned Location field on a report, it will NOT show the value of just the Assigned Location (unless the only quantities are in the Assigned Location).

Often a report that shows all locations for a given item and the actual quantities for each location is desired.  To do this, a custom query needs to be generated that pulls this data from the Item and Relation tables.  The query needs then be embedded in the Advance Report Writer function in BACKTRACK.

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Updated on October 2, 2023

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