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IP Address lost on Print Apply SATO Printers – Sato Printer Problem



This article explains the issue that causes the Sato printer IP address to be lost. In the solution section, the article provides recommendations on how to help the user get the expected results.


Swapping an existing Ethernet card with a different Ethernet card in a print and apply SATO Printer results in the loss of any saved IP Addresses.


There are two possible explanations:

  • If the printer was set to use static IP address, then the configuration was likely stored in the Ethernet card. Replacing the card will cause the IP configuration to be lost.
  • If the printer was set to use DHCP (with reservation, we hope). The IP reservation at the DHCP server is based on the MAC address (Ethernet physical address – unique to every Ethernet interface). Changing the Ethernet card in the printer will cause a MAC address change and, subsequently, loss of the original IP address.


For static IP setup, you will have to redo the IP configuration on the printer.

For DHCP setup, inform IT to update the DHCP reservation with the new MAC address.

Additional Comments

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Updated on September 15, 2017

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