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“Failed to get label configuration.” – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Error Message


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This article explains the TEKLYNX CENTRAL “Failed to get label configuration” error message along with offering details on how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear in the first place.


The “Failed to get label configuration” error message appears when you attempt to add a label using the browser interface. While the cause is ultimately due to the fact that LABELNET is unable to pull the required data from the label design stored within LABEL ARCHIVE, there are five separate situations which can cause this failure:

  1. Label Checked Out
    In this situation, the Final Draft of the label had been checked out in CODESOFT. Once CODESOFT was closed, the browser interface was able to add the label.
  2. SENTINEL “TC Preview” Not Functioning
    SENTINEL’s TC Preview hung up in Parsing mode.
  3. SENTINEL “TC Preview” responds too slowly
    Similar to the above situation, you receive the “Failed to get label configuration” error message in the web interface. However, the status for TC Preview in SENTINEL clears itself from Parsing to Waiting after about 30 seconds.
  4. Label Design File Name Missing “.”
    In this case, the design file name is missing the extension (“.lab” after the file name). As a result, LABELNET cannot locate the file to add it to the browser interface.
  5. ‘PrintUser’ account in UMSS is locked.
    The PrintUser account was locked in the UMSS user table


The solution to the “Failed to get label configuration” error message depends on which condition prompted it, and as a result, the method used to resolve the error will differ. You will need to check to see which, if any, of the conditions apply:


Look to see if the file is currently checked out, or in use, by another program.

LABEL ARCHIVE Check Out window with checked-out label highlighted.


Look in the SENTINEL Manager window to see if TC Preview is in a “Waiting” state.

TEKLYNX CENTRAL Print Manager window showing paused label in TCPreview

If so, adjust the timeout values in the IIS Manager:

  1. Select Sites/Default Web Site / TCADMIN
Internet Information Services (IIS) manager window with Application Settings highlighted.
  1. Select Application Settings
Applications Settings window opened with Sentinel Output Timeout highlighted.
  1. Change the SentinelOutputTimeout from 20000 to 60000 or 80000 or 120000
  2. In addition to TCADMIN site, you may need to do similar adjustment to TKCENTRAL site.
Application Settings window with TKCentral selected and Sentinel Output Timeout value highlighted.


Within LABEL ARCHIVE, look to see if the label’s file name as the “.lab” extension at the end. If not, add it.

Check Out window with file extension called out.


Check to see if the PrintUser account is locked within UMSS. If it is, unlock it by unchecking the box marked “Locked”.

User properties window showing status of PrintUser

Additional Comments

Issue Found: Windows 8, running TC 4.5, with Application Interface: IE 11

Updated on November 11, 2020

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