Make Your Single Label Software Print Multiple or Alternating Labels to a Print Applicator

Recent advancements in print applicator technology have allowed for one applicator to take the place of two by printing and applying alternating labels.  For example:

Case comes down the conveyor, applicator prints the front label (applies to front of case), then prints side label (applies to side of box).  The sequence must be repeatable.

We had one client where we used TEKLYNX CENTRAL to accomplish this task.  Although the Browser Interface for does not specifically support printing of alternating labels, we figured out a creative solution by using the duplex feature in CODESOFT (label design and print engine behind TEKLYNX CENTRAL).  The duplex feature, designed for front and back printing on duplex printers, causes most thermal printers (which don’t have front and back print capability) to print both labels in succession. The front label prints first and the back label prints second.

Thus by using the duplex feature, we can get TEKLYNX CENTRAL (or any software that uses CODESOFT label designs such as SENTINEL and LABEL ARCHIVE) to print alternating labels.