Unable to Create New Records – BACKTRACK Problem


This article explains possible causes and solutions for the BACKTRACK problem that prevents users from creating new records.


User sees one of several possible error messages preventing the addition of a new record.  Related articles show some of the possible error messages.  The error can appear from lack of access to the feature or database problems such as duplicate key fields (i.e. duplicate item #s).


When creating a new record (such as a new item), BACKTRACK inserts a new record into an item table. The record inserted must have a unique key field and fields set as ‘required’ must be completed. Specific issues that may prevent this include:

  1. Auto-assigning a non-unique key field to a new record – if BACKTRACK is using the ‘auto-assign’ feature and the next number to assign is not unique, the new record creation will fail (see BACKTRACK error message article “Cannot get new unique key value” – KBA-01148-Q0B6G3).
  2. User must be assigned to a user’s group with permissions to add a new record.


  1. Auto-assigning a non-unique key field to a new record – update “Current item ID” in application maintenance to makes sure the next incremental value is not already an existing key field in another record (see BACKTRACK instruction article “Preventing BACKTRACK From Auto-assigning a Duplicate Key Field Value” – KBA-011490Y2B7F2)
  2. User lacks permissions – changes user’s group to one that allows them to add records.

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Updated on August 7, 2017

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