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Custom Fields are Missing or not Visible – BACKTRACK Problem


This article explains the BACKTRACK problem that causes custom fields to disappear when certain security features are enabled.  This appears to be a bug and the Solution section below explains how to avoid it until the bug is fixed.


  • System uses ID/Password security
  • Added fields disappear from ITEM Update screen ONLY after these options are checked:
    • Require User ID/Password to be entered when program is started
    • Require User ID/Password for Maintenance
  • Fields reappear if security options are unchecked
  • This problem only occurs when both boxes are checked. If only one (does not matter which one) is checked, then everything behave as its should.


We believe this is a bug within BACKTRACK.


Until the bug is fixed, one or the other security options must be checked but not both.

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Updated on August 15, 2017

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