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Password Lock Out for CODESOFT Label Design Changes – CODESOFT Problem


This article explains the problem of not being able to access a CODESOFT label design due to password lock out.

Situation and Symptoms

  • Changes to label design protected by password
  • Password entered does not allow access to the label design
  • No changes allowed to the label design


TEKLYNX allows two levels of password access:

  1. Password to access CODESOFT
  2. Password to make changes to label design

The first feature above, using a password to access CODESOFT, is controlled in an config file.  A change to the config file can force a reset in the password. See article about this process: Password Lock Out for CODESOFT – CODESOFT Problem

The second feature above, setting a password for label design changes, is set within the label design file itself.  As such, this password CANNOT BE RESET.


Passwords stored in label design files (that control label design changes) cannot be reset. The only known resolution is to recreate the label design.  A better approach to securing label designs with CODESOFT is to use the plugin app LABEL ARCHIVE.

Additional Comments

We recommend talking to us about upgrading the system to LABEL ARCHIVE.

Updated on December 6, 2017

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