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Manually Install TC Client – TEKLYNX Central Instructions


This article provides a step by step procedure for manually installing and configuring TEKLYNX CENTRAL designer client (CODESOFT and LABEL ARCHIVE).


In this article, we reference two servers:
  • TEKLYNX CENTRAL server = TEK-SVR2-2008
  • UMSS Server=TEK-SVR2-2008


  • If a USB license is used, unplug it
  • You must have local admin rights on the workstation

Follow these steps:

  1. Remove legacy client applications – if the client computer already has another version (or demo version) of any or all of these applications, uninstall it:
    • LABEL ARCHIVE Client (LAC)
    • TEKLYNX CENTRAL Browser Plugin
  2. Copy files from the server and install on workstation – Copy these files from TC Server c:\Program Files (x86)\Teklynx\CommandCenter) to your workstation and install them the workstation:
    • TCCLIENTPLUGIN.MSI (TEKLYNX browser plugin)
  3. Modify the CS.INI file – At the client computer Modify CS.INI (in C:\ProgramData\Teklynx\CODESOFT 2014) with the following:
    • In [general] section:
      • Add – UMSSAVAILABLE=1
      • Add – UMSS=1
    • In [UMSS] section (create one if needed)
      • Add – ServerAddr=tcp://tek-svr2-2008:8989
      • Add – LoginMode=2
  4. Update TC Server Name
    1. For TEKLYNX CENTRAL 4.5, run the following command:
      • TkxCentral.RemoteAdjustment.exe adjust “tcp://[TC Server Name]:8989”
    2. For TEKLYNX CENTRAL 5.0 version, there is one more step you need to do.  Locate the file TkxSvrUmss.config in C:\ProgramData\Tki\TkxSrv folder.
      • Locate the line begins with “<Client url”
      • Add the name of the server to the statement (see example below)

Silent Install Commands CENTRAL 4.5

Using the Workstation Install Module

Additional Comments

Instructions used on: TEKLYNX CENTRAL v4.5, Windows Server 2008, Window 10

Updated on March 7, 2019

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