Enable Tracing or Logging in CODESOFT – CODESOFT Instructions


This Reference Article defines and explains how to enable CODESOFT tracing / logging for troubleshooting purpose.

There are four logs generally required by TEKLYNX development before troubleshooting. It is HIGHLY recommended to TEKLYNX CENTRAL users to turn on and collect information from ALL FOUR logs. They are:

Enable Tracing or Logging in SENTINEL – SENTINEL Instructions

Enable Tracing or Logging in CODESOFT – CODESOFT Instructions

Enable Tracing or Logging in LABEL ARCHIVE – LABEL ARCHIVE Instructions

Enable Tracing or Logging for TkxSvrService – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Instructions


Enable Tracing in CODESOFT – Requires restart of CODESOFT application after making changes. If fields do not exist in the .ini files listed below, add the lines manually.

CODESOFT 2014 and later

C:\Program Files (x86)\Teklynx\CODESOFT XXXX\Lppa.ini


C:\ProgramData\Teklynx\CODESOFT XXXX\CS.ini


  • If you did not use the default location for software installation, you will need to adjust the file location accordingly.
  • DbgReportFileSize = Maximum size of the log file (KB).
  • DbgReportPathName = location for the log files.
  • You can adjust both values to fit your needs.
  • Remember to turn the logging off when you are done.

Important Note

Take note of the folder location for the log file. You will need to navigate back to it the recover the log files.

Updated on July 27, 2019

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