Delete a Label Version – TEKLYNX CENTRAL or LABEL ARCHIVE Instructions



This Instruction Article explains how to delete a label version for TEKLYNX CENTRAL.


  • A label design file checked in with version number assigned


  1. Open LABEL ARCHIVE Server Administrator (aka Label Manager / Delete, Archive, or Reset Labels) and browse to the Tasks / Delete documents and data node in the left hand navigation
  2. Select Filter Options (Filter tab is default)
    1. Label State (Active versions, Design state, and/or Old final state)
    2. Label Folder(s)
  3. Select the Documents tab and click the Delete checkbox next to all label versions you want to delete
  4. Select the “Delete” button
  5. Select “Yes” to confirm
  6. Select “OK” at confirmation screen
  7. Verify label version has been removed

Additional Comments

  • Deleting a label version also REQUIRES deleting of all associated label history with that version
  • The “Delete documents and history permanently” function in LABEL ARCHIVE (i.e. Label Manager) will determine if the records relating to the deleted label version are removed from the database or just marked as deleted (with the possibility of later recovery).


Updated on November 6, 2018

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