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“CODESOFT 2012 Enterprise RFID (EVALUATION) – The network license cannot be found…” – CODESOFT Error Message


User received “The network license cannot be found. Check your Network Administration settings and ensure that the server is running” message when starting CODESOFT. This article will propose a solution.


TEKLYNX labeling products running under a network license will periodically check the license server to make sure there is an available license allowing the client software to run. This error message means that the client software, running on a workstation, is unable to find a connection to that license server.

Revised 8/3/18:

If CODESOFT is a part of TEKLYNX CENTRAL system, the problem may be caused by the fact that the login user (to CODESOFT) does not have Designer privileges.


There could be many causes why CODESOFT could not contact the license server.  We recommend you check the following:

  • Verify the Server Location in the Network Administration screen is correct

CODESOFT > Tools > Network Administration

  • Check to see if server is running
  • Verify SLicense service is running on the server
  • Check network connection between workstation and license server

You may need assistant from your IT support or an EBI Technical Support Coach to determine the cause of the problem.

If this is a part of TEKLYNX CENTRAL system, verify that the login user has Designer privileges by using UMSS console.

Additional Comments

Issue Found: CODESOFT v2012

This message may appear before the “No license has been found…” error message.

Updated on August 3, 2018

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