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CODESOFT LABEL ARCHIVE Connect Menu Appears But is Inactive (Gray) – CODESOFT with LABEL ARCHIVE Problem


This article explains multiple solutions to the LABEL ARCHIVE problem that prevents connection to CODESOFT.


CODESOFT cannot connect to LABEL ARCHIVE. The LABEL ARCHIVE sub menu off the main File menu is there, but all options are gray.


LABEL ARCHIVE Client cannot authenticate to LABEL ARCHIVE server. Two scenarios have appeared:

  1. Windows user rights are not sufficient to allow the LABEL ARCHIVE Client to connect to LABEL ARCHIVE Server. Security feature (e.g. UAC is on or need to Run as Admin) blocks CODESOFT / LABEL ARCHIVE Client from connecting to LABEL ARCHIVE Server. “Run as Administrator” seems to solve this issue. This also happens with launching the “Label designer” from the TEKLYNX CENTRAL Command Center. If TEKLYNX CENTRAL Command Center is not “Run as Administrator”, CODESOFT (the Label designer) may not be able to connect to LABEL ARCHIVE.
  2. The client UMSS is not pointed correctly to the UMSS Server. Although the LABEL ARCHIVE Client may be connected to the LABEL ARCHIVE Server, the UMSS needs to be connected to the UMSS Server (this is almost always the same as the LABEL ARCHIVE Server). Initially we were told by TEKLYNX that the order of the install may have an impact and suggested we install CODESOFT first. It appeared to work with our customer. However, in a conference call with Nick at TEKLYNX today, we are told the order is most likely not the problem and the issue is likely with the server settings in UMSS. The reason the order of install seemed to correct the problem is that uninstalling the software and installing CODESOFT before LABEL ARCHIVE forces the UMSS (installed with LABEL ARCHIVE) to be set to the same server address as that set in the LABEL ARCHIVE client.

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Updated on March 17, 2018

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